Winter of Porvoo 2018 - 2019

Dog and her owner enjoying the wintery Porvoo at Näsinmäki woodland park.

Pasi Markkanen

I spend 6 weeks in Porvoo capturing the beauty of everyday life and moments while the year 2018 turned to 2019. In the start of March I moved to Porvoo. I've met so many kind, supportive and amazing people. People who made these photos possible. I want to thank you all from my heart!

I'm looking for a collaboration, work, photo ideas, etc.

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Here are some of the best and the most interesting photos from Porvoo. Enjoy!

A couple with their 1-year-old walking on the streets of Old Porvoo.
A Beautiful night time view from the Näsinmäki woodland park showing the vibrant colors of the Old Porvoo.
Youngsters walking on the street in a snow blizzard.
With lots of small boutiques, cafes and restaurants, Jokikatu is one of the most popular streets of Porvoo amongst the travellers.
Porvoo river and the red-ochre painted riverside warehouses are one of the most photographed national landscapes in Finland. Photo taken at the start of the winter when the Porvoo river was only partly frozen.
Dog and her owner posing at the Näsinmäki woodland park while sun is setting.
Rising sun and the wintery street of Old Porvoo.
A jackdaw wondering the photographer's intrests. Wooden houses of Old Porvoo street is showing on the background.
Kid showing his balancing skills on a bandy practise.
A frozen bicycle leaning the Old Porvoo bridge.
Snowy view of the town hall square in Old Porvoo. A curious blackbird landed on the deck. Can you spot it?
Christmas decorations and the crescent moon.
A kid is having fun sledding on ice on a snowy day.
Free bandy school for children. The couch is sharing last minute instructions before starting.
An abstract view of the windows in the Silfverhjelm chapel.
Snow plowing in action.
Citizens of Porvoo deals the snowy days with routine.
Old Porvoo street on a frosty morning with the rising sun.
A crow playing the king of the hill on the old wooden church of Porvoo
A dog playing on the snow.
Snowy rose hips and the lights of Porvoo.
Bicycle of the postman on a snowy morning.
After a free bandy school the couch is handing out the named jerseys for kids who have participated six times.
Old wooden house and the yard full of snow.
Habitants of Porvoo enjoying their walk on the street on a very frosty day.
Näsi Mansion and its gallery on the night time.
Kids playing on the highest snow bank of Porvoo. Old Town Hall is on the background.
Bus to Helsinki, the moon and the Old Porvoo.
A view from the window of the gallery of Näsinmäki mansion showing the red riverside warehouses.
Winter biking at Porvoo.
Old Porvoo is full of beautiful details.
Kids playing on the free weekly bandy school -event.
Art "Valtiopäivätriptyykki" on the park and housing in Porvoo.
Photographing swans on the freezing Emäsalo.
Nature landscape on Emäsalo showing the freezing sea.
A calming view to the sea.
A lunar eclipse.