Winter of Porvoo 2018 - 2019

Pasi Markkanen

26. Old wooden house and the yard full of snow.

27. Habitants of Porvoo enjoying their walk on the street on a very frosty day.

28. Näsi Mansion and its gallery on the night time.

29. Kids playing on the highest snow bank of Porvoo. Old Town Hall is on the background.

30. Bus to Helsinki, the moon and the Old Porvoo.

31. A view from the window of the gallery of Näsinmäki mansion showing the red riverside warehouses.

32. People at the gallery of Vanha Kappalaisentalo.

33. Snowy Porvoo cathedral and the Näsinmäki cemetery.

34. Summer time view from the Näsinmäki woodland park showing the extraordinary amount of nature in the Old Porvoo.

35. Winter biking at Porvoo.

36. Icefisher packing his catch.

37.Old Porvoo is full of beautiful details.

38. Bandy goalkeeper is waiting confidently.

39.Some kids playing on the free weekly bandy school -event.

40. Some photographers browsing his photos on the Old Porvoo bridge.

41. Frosty day, wooden buildings and some icicles.

42. Dealing with the giant icicles while schoolchildren are crossing the road.

43. Art "Valtiopäivätriptyykki" on the park and housing in Porvoo.

44. A flock of jackdaws and the moon.

45. Photographing swans on the freezing Emäsalo.

46. Nature landscape on Emäsalo showing the freezing sea.

47. A calming view to the sea.

48. Clearing the roof from snow and ice.

49. A snow blizzard doesn't affect selling berries.

50. A lunar eclipse.

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Pasi Markkanen