Living and photographing in the freezing Katajanokanluoto island located right in the central Helsinki.

Part 1: Freezing island

Part 2

Part 3

Pasi Markkanen


Just after arriving to the island with a hovercraft.

One of the many crow encounters.

Ice crystals just before sunrise.

Icicles in the ice cave.

Winter seed heads against the sunset.

Helsinki cityscape.

Beautiful trawler in the dock.

The morning view to Kruunuvuorenranta.

Cruisers passing the island from 200 meters distance.

Crow showing who is the real habitant of the island.

Snow storms arrived in just few minutes. This was the cabin I used as a basecamp.

Intense snowing.

One of the peaceful nights on the island.

Frost in the window.

Pastel colors in the morning fog before sunrise.

Silja Line -cruiser passing by.

Church of Suomenlinna island.

Last sun from the day highlighting the smoke.

A crow in the wind.

Swan couple swimming through the harsh wind and snowing.

Sudden snow storm limited the sights to under 100 meters.

Part 2: Winter turning to spring

Part 3: Nature is waking up

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