Pasi Markkanen

Photography and nature is my lifetime passion and I'm always taking the extra step to capture stunning authentic moments with a great twist of artistic appearance.

I have planned, photographed and provided photos for the Finland image bank (over 100 photos since 2017), Porvoo city, Kamera-magazine, finnish meteorological institute, Me-säätiö, M2-kodit and for numerous other business and private customers. My work includes photobank images, commercial photoshoots, portraits, articles and other photography and media work.

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I am currently living and photographing on an island located at Pellinki, Porvoo.

I have planned, photographed and provided over 100 images for the Finland image bank,, since 2017.

Living in the freezing Katajanokanluoto island as the winter turns to spring. I got this beautiful change to spend over 30 days in 2018 to photograph and live in the only private owned island in central Helsinki. My five-page-article can be found in the Kamera -magazine 01/2019. The finnish national broadcasting company Yle published a 30 minute radio episode and a popular web article about my adventure. PetaPixel published my article on their website.

Click here for the full article on my website.

Read the Yle web article.

Photographing the streets and people of Porvoo. As 2018 turned to 2019 I lived a month in Porvoo. During the time I planned, photographed and provided photos for the Porvoo city photobank.

When warm sea and cold air collides the result is stunning sea smoke. This photo series is taken in January 2017 from Suomenlinna island when it was freezing -22°C. All photos taken in just a few hours timespan. First photo was placed 6th in "Minun maisemani" -competition from over 40 000 images.

This nature photo about birch trees in Nuuksio, Espoo was one of the most popular photos in the finnish nature photographers facebook group with over 5100 likes, 145 comments and 43 shares. It qualified for the semifinals of the biggest nordic photo competition "Finland's Nature Photography of the year" in 2017.

Tallink-cruiser, Helsinki cathedral, presidential palace, market square, Yle broadcasting tower and Linnanmäki skywheel all at once. This photo got over 1000 likes in my instagram-page and inspired many foreigners to tell about their longing to Helsinki.

A perfect summer day in the Pärnu beach, Estonia.

Chocolate lab Zara being exhausted after a long evening of photoshooting.

The amazing Maria Baric Company performing a fire theatre show on the New Year's eve 2017.

I planned the photoshoot and photographed these two lovely musicians and the curious dog in Villa Valo, Porvoo.

Last autumn I spend 4 days camping on the Äggskär archipelago.

Here are the photos, full story will be published on Kamera-lehti (in finnish only).

Two trees on a stormy day at Emäsalo, Porvoo. I took almost 100 photos to get an image where the trees were still.

A finnish hiphop group performing at the Kallio Block Party 2017 on a stage build on a truck.

Happy folks enjoying a perfect late summer day at the Kallio Block Party 2017.

Few years ago I met Foxy from instagram. Since that we've taken few lovely photoshoots a year.

Click here for the story of Foxy.

Curious newborn at the christening in the Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

A capella group Fork performing at the IMS Talent ceremony.

A summer time portrait at the Rhododendron park Haaga, Helsinki.

Mid summer party mood taken before sunset from the roof. Sörnäinen, Helsinki.

Just a moment before sunset. Photo taken from the Kallio church tower.

A couple admiring their baby on a christenings ceremony at the Helsinki cathedral.

Finnish winter cycling as its finest.

Carlos the fold experiencing the wonders of the outside world first time ever.

A close up of a wood anemone reaching for the late early summer light.

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