I have planned, photographed and provided over 100 images for the Finland image bank,, since 2017.

Here are some of my favourites:

A skater going downhill at the Kallio block party Hel ride -event. People are cheering while Kallio church is shown on the background.

Pasi Markkanen

A hiker admiring the views of Repovesi national park. Finnish lakeview in the end of the summer.
A baby is sleeping on her mother's lap at the baby blessings ceremony.
New year's eve celebration, light installation above Töölönlahti.
People on the streets of central Helsinki during an intensive snow storm. Cold spell in spring surprised them and umbrellas were needed.
This picture of the apartment buildings in Western Pasila is showing the extraordinary amount of nature in finnish cities.
Guys from the sup rental showing their awesome summer car and positive attitude.
Finnish metal heads enjoying the club gig on the band Profane Omen's record releasing party.
The annual "Lakritsi- & Salmiakki" (salty liquorice & licorice) festivals is full of salmiakki enthusiasts. They made a record number of visitors in 2017 so now they had 2500m2 of exhibition space.
Hovercraft on a shore while Helsinki cityscape with huge cruisers are showing on the background. Hovercraft is the only way to move across both ice and water.
People enjoying the free carousel of Helsinki christmas market while the Helsinki Cathedral is showing on the back.
Traditional finnish countryside view in Jyväskylä. The tractor is waiting for the harvesting to start.
Youngsters spending time at Munkkiniemi beach on a dock made for washing carpets.
Free bandy school for children. The couch is sharing last minute instructions before starting.
After a free bandy school the coach is handing out named jerseys for kids who have participated six times.
Southern view from Kallio church tower during the Kallio block party -street festival. Picture is showing some of the Kallio and Hakaniemi districts and Helsinki downtown.
People relaxing at Tapas festivals in Central railway station area while serving food brings the seagulls.
Young couple watching the sunset in the rhododendron park located in Haaga.
Artist singing and playing acoustic guitar at "Kolmas korva" -festivals at Lapinlahti, Helsinki.
This baby has brave attitude towards life.
The Shortcut is a community driven organisation that promotes diversity as an engine for growth.
Returning from the nature trip. Children with safety vests are a common sight in Porvoo.
Motör Circus is a circus performance that respects past tradition and modern technology. After touring Eikka Alatalo will be converting his 70's Volkswagen (used in the performance) into a fully electric vehicle. Motör Circus spreads the good news of ecological traffic with heavy metal rock attitude.
Kindergarden children performing and watching a musical theatre.
Very green moment at the allotment garden located in Vantaa.
Dropping the giant icicles and snow from the roof and watching it to go safely while schoolchildren crossing the road.
Snow covered cars and the rising sun on a wintery street of Old Porvoo. The road is already ploughed.
Mother looking her child in awe.
World Village festival brings people together to experience music, dancing, theatre, literature, delicious food and topical discussions. This annual free event is organized by Kepa. Kepa is a platform for Finnish civil society organizations and an expert on global development issues. With more than 300 members focusing on development cooperation, global education or advocacy work, Kepa brings people together to take action for a just world.
Maria 01 community house for tech startups has its own aptly named restaurant - Starter. Starter provides a convenient meeting place for startups, innovators, makers and developers.
A baby waking from a beautiful summer day nap.
Trying to clear the ice for the boat after weeks of freezing temperatures.
Maria 01 is a community house for tech startups. It is located in the former Maria hospital building and area.
A perfect summer day in Old town Porvoo showing the vibrant colors of wooden buildings.