Foxy the Corgi is gaining followers on instagram with her cuteness

Foxy enjoying the summer day on an abandoned train yard in Porvoo.

Foxy is three years old Welsh Corgi Pembroke. As her name suggests she looks a bit like a Fox. As so many other dogs, Foxy likes food, people, outdoors and scratches. Still Foxy isn't just an ordinary dog.

During her three year old dog career Foxy has gotten used to the attention and admiration. During her walks people stop by and asks permission to pet and photograph her. Especially many foreign tourists wants to take photos and videos. Foxy isn't startled by her fans. She encounters them with great love and makes people smile.

Pasi Markkanen

Foxy doing what she does best. Being a funny, derpy dog who likes to play and has an enormous love for sticks.
Foxy and her owner Anna crossing the street in Haaga, Helsinki. Foxy showing her lovingly look.
Porvoo's dog mayor Foxy posing proudly in front of her city.
Foxy's intense yet kind and soulful look.
Foxy in the summer mood.
Playing fetch without returning the ball is Foxy's favourite game.

Waiting patiently, being ready and going for the catch.

Foxy gives people joy on social media too. On instagram she has over 65 000 followers. Instagram is where I met Foxy first time. After commenting Foxy's cuteness her owner Anna asked if I would be interested in photographing Foxy. I was fond of pet photography and thought it would be awesome to meet Foxy and to practise. From that on, we have taken photos regularly. Those photoshoots have been really inspiring and fun.

I was photographing Foxy's two year birthday party on a small dog park, where she and her many friends were playing. The amount of cuteness of seeing over ten playing corgis at the same time cannot be expressed. I've had the honor of being her caretaker for few weeks and maintaining her instagram at the same time.

Foxy smiling and posing on a summery forest. This picture is from our first photoshoot in Vantaa.
"Look what I found!"
Anna and Foxy with autumn forest in background.
Chewing the stick and enjoying nature in the setting sun.
Smiling Foxy and the flower.
Who is that gorgeous creature on the puddle?
Foxy the autumn dog with proper camouflage.

Few local newspapers have made articles about Foxy. She also has few sponsors to make sure she will never run out of food, treats or toys. Foxy's attitude is something that everyone could learn from. Sometimes she feels a bit nervous about certain tasks like going out in the cold rain, big birds, walking in the snow or not getting enough scratches for a second. She has an enormous heart and she overcomes every obstacles with her relentless energy and spirit. Foxy is really the best version of herself at every moment.

Tasting snow on the Old Town of Porvoo
While making tunnels in the winter time, little bit of snow on the snout doesn't matter.
Guarding from her snow post on a sunny winter day.
Foxy makes sure her whole pack is with her all the time. Here she is walking like a princess and adoring her owner.
Meeting people is easy but some dogs are a bit suspicious.
Cool gals don't look at explosions.
Are those huge swanlings still watching me?
Making corgi friends.
What are you doing? Stop taking photos and give me scratches.