Suomenlinna sea smoke at -22 degrees celsius

Pasi Markkanen

When warm sea and cold air collide the result is stunning sea smoke. These pictures are from Suomenlinna island and from a ferry before it. All photos taken in a 2,5 hours timespawn.

It was forecasted to be -22 degrees celsius (-7.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in the morning and the sea was still mainly open so I woke up early hoping to see some sea smoke. When I got myself in the Helsinki Market Square there were some people enjoying the view and photographing the phenomenon already.
Soon my lift to Suomenlinna arrived. The ferry is operated regularly throughout the year and is accessible with seasonal region ticket. Ice breaker is sometimes needed to keep the sea lane open.
The sun was just barely showing through the sea smoke making the mesmerizing texture on ice glow.
Condensed moisture from open sea ensured that the whole island was covered in frost.
View from the ferry was very surreal at times. Sometimes you couldn't see much more than 20 meters (65 feet).
People on deck where photographing nonstop.
Once I arrived to Suomenlinna sea smoke was already passing through the island. Rising sun changed the color palette every minute.
Sun painted all the ice and snow with warm colors.
Talventörröttäjät (winter seed heads) were still standing. Talventörröttäjä literally means "sticking out in winter".